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My Holiday's Plan

12/30/2013 09:08:00 AM

December almost end and it’s means holiday’s time! :p You know as a teacher I got advantages when school day off. If student got 2 weeks to spend their holiday’s time, but teacher just got 1 week to spend our holiday’s time. But it’s not bad, I guess.  After finished ‘ the report’s time’  that almost made me crazy (cause a few days ago I always back to home late) and after hard worked for finishing some IEPs and checklist daily activities for special needs students, 1 week for holiday it deserve enough for us (teacher).

Anyway, I’m just planned my holiday to go to some places. Umm maybe it’s not the special one, but it’s enough to fill my holiday :p

Meanwhile besides planning to go to one to another places, I’m planning to spend my holiday with reading book too. Maybe when in the morning I go to some places and in the night I can read those book. So I decided to borrow some books for school’s library. Yep! Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Charlie and Chocolate Factory.

Have you ever read this one?

I choose this book cause some reasons. The first, I thought I need to improve my english skill. As a beginner, it’s worth it try to improve my english skill with read some english literature. It’s can be enrich my vocabulary and I can learn some grammars from those books. And the second these books used easy language (especially  cause this book made for children) so my expectation is I can learn from those books. I beg you please to pray for me so that I can finish read this book hehee :p

So guys, what’s your holiday plan? I hope you enjoy your holiday, fellas! :p

*P.S: as a beginner I’m still learning to improve my english skill, feel so sorry and no heart feeling if my article annoy you. :p

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