Learning English

Keyword: Practice!

7/04/2013 12:58:00 AM

A few days ago I got something that interesting to be telling for y’all. All of began from the call for me to interview in one of Inclusions Islamic School at Depok. You know, this is my first interview (my first formal interview). To be honest, I have no preparing my self, mm I mean for the “serious” interview like that. When I’m looking around people who will interview too, they’re very ready. Seems like they’ve preparing at all. Automatically it make me little bit down, and realized me “OMG! I’m must competing with all of people who preparing their self”. But fastly I was burried those negative thinking with give positive suggestions for my self. Yeah I think it just interview, even I was failed at least I’ve ever trying. Hahaa seems like lying for my self.
Interviewer ask me some questions in bilingual language. In Bahasa and English. When I’m answering those questions in Bahasa, I can answering it with full of confident. But when the interviewer ask me in English, I’m just only answering it with  “aaaa uuummm I think.... ummhh... aaaa.... something like that.... AAAKKKK!” hahahaa For God’s Sake! I can’t speak anything. Anything. That moment when I feel so shameful, I messed up my self in front the professional interviewer, PLUS I’m so nervous. I hate that situations. Really hate!
In fact I really hate my self. Yah! Seems like I just wanna blaming my self and screaming to my self, “WHY DON’T YOU LEARNING ENGLISH MORE? HAVE YOU EVER THINK THAT YOU EXPERT IN ENGLISH, HAH?”
This interviewing realized me that I must take English conversation class. But I’m learning a lot from this interview. At least, now I know how much my ability in english. Needs more practises! I think writing, listening, and reading in english is easier than SPEAKING. yah even my english in writing still shameful at least is not more severe than my ability to speak (seems like defensive yah? hahaha).
After I have discussion these all my problems with my friends (who I think expert in English), He said that “now people has usual in writing with english than speaking. Maybe the influence of the social media such as twitter, bbm, or many chatting applications that must have people for the writing or understanding in english. When we writing in English, we can. When people speaking in english, we understand. But when we challenge ourselves to dare speaking english, we can’t. The problem just habitual. Yah habitual. So if you wanna speaking english well, it’s simply. PRACTICE!”
Oke the keyword is practice, practice, practice. I’ll thank for my best friend that give me some suggests which are open up my mind. Even my grammar still shameful and my speaking still shameful too, but it’s no giving up my self to learning english more and more. So, what are you waiting for? LET’S PRACTICE, FELLAS! :)))

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